Heartseye’s Helpful Hints (and a Thank You!)

Hello friends!

I’d like to introduce Heartseye’s Helpful Hints, a series of articles I’ll be posting on the main store website every couple of weeks or so. These will be full articles and topics will range from fashion, shopping, friendship, jewelry and clothing care–just little ideas and things to help to keep your life going smoothly! Have a look at the first article and feel free to comment here or email me with any comments. Thanks!

And I’d like to let everyone know the Shopify store has a new URL: heartseye.store — so, hearteye.me takes you to the blog and heartseye.store will take you to the Shopify store. Easy!

Also, blogging friend Paul from wwwpalfitness was kind enough to nominate Heartseye for the Black Cat Sea blog award! Thank you, Paul! I love it!

Yours in Blogging Friendship,


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