A Note from Heartseye’s Store Owner About the New Storenvy Customer Fee

First, friends, thank you for shopping at Heartseye. I started my store with Storenvy this year in April, and at that time, shopping was free for customers. However, that has changed. Storenvy has decided to charge customers a fee for each order.

While this may be right for Storenvy, it’s not right for everyone. Some of my customers will want to pay the fee to support Storenvy and some will not. So I opened a new Shopify store, and this way, customers can choose where they like to shop Heartseye best, on Storenvy or Shopify. Shopify is not a marketplace, but there will be no extra fees for you, the customer, and I will have freedom to offer you many more ways save than ever before.

I would really like you to try my new store! There is a rewards program in place which lets you collect points to turn into discounts. And there will be a much larger inventory, too! There are more ways to pay for your purchases. And I will be able to keep my prices as low as possible, with totally free shipping.

Thank you!

Jennifer Smith,  store owner


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