Sailor Moon and Superman

Remind someone how super they are!

Hey, friends! I’ve got a couple of new items to shout about!

This Sailor Moon pendant is truly beautiful. I tried to take good pictures, but it’s hard, as it’s shiny silver color all over. But if you are a sailor moon fan–or know someone who is–then this is a must-have.

I only sell items that I would want to keep for myself, and a Superman keychain like this one is hard to part with. It’s beautiful, strong, and build to last. Give it to someone who is your personal Superman so they know just how special they are.

Also, a few items will be 20% off on Storenvy’s sale from May 18-23, 2016. You will have to check back then to see what they are (because I don’t know yet)! I’ll be making another post about it, so see you again soon!

Yours in Fun,


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